Real Estate 26 June 2021

Specific Housing Info: Fort Saskatchewan

Fort Saskatchewan MLS® Data showcases how important Home is. A home in 2020 has now become more than just a single dwelling that for domestic life. With the COVID-19 International pandemic, the world has shifted and now home is everything. Before a home meant food made with love, a place of rest, and where your family gathers. Now additionally home has become a workplace and a classroom. 

Home now means everything as people have adapted to working from home they need more space cause everything happens under one roof. Working parents became teachers. A special night was ordering takeout from a local restaurant. Now more than ever a Home is Everything. 


Healthy homes, families, neighborhoods, and communities have become even more crucial.


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Fort Saskatchewan Housing Data

Fort Saskatchewan has also seen a shift in the type of homes being built, sold, and lived in. The Fort Saskatchewan MLS® Data describes the different types of homes purchased since 2017. They are grouped into Single Family, Condo, and Duplex/Rowhouse. Below you can review the total information. The number of Sales found from Fort Saskatchewan MLS® Data

Average Sales Prices from Fort Saskatchewan MLS® Data

Fort Saskatchewan Home Search

When looking for a home many people start the search online to find properties they would be interested in. Now more than ever Home is everything. Users taking advantage of the Fort Saskatchewan MLS® Data found on leads to more market activity. The top online search criteria are: 

1- Building Type

2- Price
3- Bedroom

4- Bathroom

With the city seeing a large population change new residents are looking to purchase a place to call home. The amount of people who are renting their current homes has also decreased. With 2,245/9,165 renting, homeownership has become increasingly popular. 

For more information please review The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton full data package found here: Fort Saskatchewan MLS® Data