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Each property is given the same care and attention

no matter the list price.

I'm collaborating with top industry professionals to provide your home with the attention it deserves. Digital Dream Media serves as my exclusive media partner, guaranteeing that your property is presented at its best.
List your home and get top dollar with Melissa Saretsky and Digital Dream Media marketing!

Why Choose Mel?

Local Expertise

I am familiar with every nook and cranny of this neighbourhood. Being raised in the heart of this community, I am eager to connect with you. With a deep passion for learning, I am constantly expanding my skill set. Holding licenses in residential, commercial, and rural real estate, I am well-equipped for any challenge that comes my way.

Personalized Service

I acknowledge the individuality of every home and tailor my strategies accordingly. By customizing campaigns to match the distinct characteristics of your property, I guarantee a marketing strategy that connects with your target audience.

Proven Results

With Century 21 and Digital Dreams Media, along with my marketplace expertise, your home will be positioned for success. Being an award-winning agent, I am dedicated to delivering exceptional results for you. Winning the Century 21 Canada Masters Slivers award in 2022 and 2023 ensures top-notch service for you.

The Next Level: Now Comes Standard

  • Photography

    Professionally taken high-resolution images showcasing the distinctive aspects of your property, captured with a top-notch camera that boasts nearly 10k resolution.

  • Professional Editing

    Each image is taken using multiple exposures, combining ambient and flash lighting techniques. This approach not only enhances the visual appeal of the scene but also presents your property in the most favourable light. Including: Colour Casting and Correction, Multi-Room Light Balance with Interior and Exterior Exposure Correction

  • Drone Photography

    Show off your property's exterior and surroundings with stunning aerial views taken by cutting-edge drones.

  • Videography

    Immersive Cinematic Video Tours that Bring Your Home to Life, Enhancing the Experience for Potential Buyers.

  • Virtual Tours

    Buyers can explore your property using interactive 3D tours that cover both indoor and outdoor areas, as well as aerial views.

  • 2D Floor Plans

    Comprehensive floor plans provide a detailed insight into your property's layout.

  • Aerial Acreage Tours

    My virtual tours extend beyond just the interiors and ground for properties that need an aerial view.

Virtual Staging

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by filling those empty spaces with cozy furniture, vibrant accents, and inviting decor. Help potential buyers envision each room's possibilities, from a cozy reading nook to a stylish entertaining area. By transforming these blank canvases into inviting environments, you can showcase the home's true potential and make a lasting impression on those who walk through its doors.

According to the Mortgage Report, staged photographs on listing websites receive more views and thus sell 73% faster than unstaged competition.

Innovative Approaches

Enhancing Online Visibility

My digital marketing tactics surpass the conventional methods. By utilizing the most current trends on online platforms, I guarantee that your property is presented to a worldwide audience in a manner that truly connects with them.

Focused Social Media Campaigns

Utilizing the influence of social media, I craft engaging campaigns that attract potential buyers. By creating visually appealing posts and compelling content, I transform social media into a vibrant platform for showcasing your property.

Engaging Virtual Experiences

Immersive 3D tours and virtual staging go beyond being tools; they provide experiences. I lead the way in crafting interactive displays that enable buyers and investors to visualize their future homes in a whole new light.

Data-Driven Reporting

You can monitor the number of views on your listing and track how many users have favorited your home. Rest assured, as your agent, I will share this information with you every step of the way, providing data and real-time updates.

Seasonal Updates

Keep up-to-date with seasonal updates. By refreshing your marketing materials to match current trends and seasonal aesthetics, your property will always maintain a relevant and welcoming feel.

Collaboration over Competition

I have faith in the strength of collaboration. By partnering closely with fellow realtors, I guarantee that your home gets seen by both buyers and agents! Of course, I will fight for you and your interests, ensuring everything comes together.

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