Strathcona County offers residents the best of convenience and nature. Elk Island National Park allows both local and international visitors a chance to explore more of Alberta. Additionally, the County also has a strong agricultural community. With some of the best farmland in Alberta, the area is abundant.

With 8 Rural Hamlets, acreages, and farms the County offers something for anyone's lifestyle. As a specialized municipality, Strathcona County is able to offer many services. They are working to become Canada's most livable community.

Above all, it is a beautiful place to live, work, and play! Learn more about the County below.

Elk Island National Park in Strathcona County

Discover the County

Red Bridge in Sherwood Park


John Hook Campbell and John Mitchell originally envisioned a small town located near the industries east of Edmonton. However, what they founded in the early 1950s is now a large thriving community.


During the early years, the hamlet was named Campbelltown. After approval from the Municipal District of Strathcona, the first model homes were open to the public in September of 1955. 


Subsequently, in 1956, the hamlet name was changed from Campbelltown to Sherwood Park because Canada post claimed that several Canadian communities already have similar names.


Strathcona County can host many awesome adventures. A few to explore include: 

    • Strathcona Wilderness Centre

    • Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
    • Ministik Lake Bird Sanctuary 

Also, Strathcona County is home to many local vendors that sell at the Farmer's Markets that can be found throughout the county.

Strathcona County Hall and Library
Emerald Hill Rec Center in Sherwood Park


Sherwood Park has many facilities that celebrate the local culture! In the heart of the community is the Centre in the Park because it houses local government resources. Subsequently, they have shopping and outdoor areas. Likewise, the area has a large public library and an art gallery. Festival Place hosts so many events each year with its expansive commitment to the performing arts. 

Further, the area has beautiful natural areas like Broadmoor Lake Park! Here visitors can enjoy the spray park, playground, walking trails, and even ice staking in the winter. 

Strathcona County Schools

The County has many schools that are governed by different school boards. Students are able to travel to their designated school, which is different depending on property location. 

Elk Island Public Schools

  • Ardrossan Elementary
  • Ardrossan Junior & Senior High
  • Fultonvale Elementary Junior High
  • Uncas Elementary 
  • Heritage Hills Elementary 
  • Pine St. Elementary 
  • Fort Saskatchewan Elementary 
  • Bruderheim School 
  • F.R. Haythorne Junior High
  • Sherwood Heights Junior High
  • Rudolph Henning Junior Hiught 
  • Lamont High 
  • Bev Facey Community High
  • Salisbury Composite High 
  • Fort Saskatchewan High

Elk Island Catholic Schools

  • Holy Redeemer Catholic School 
  • St. Luke Catholic School

Alternative School Options

  • New Horizons School K-9
  • Claudette-et-Denis-Tardif School (PM-6)

Strathcona County has so much to offer! For example, it is home to Alberta's Industrial Heartland, which creates a strong economy. The County also has rolling hills, lovely lakes, and great farmland. Another awesome perk of Strathcona County is being near many modern conveniences while still being able to enjoy nature. In addition to supporting a laidback lifestyle, the County has awesome resources for residents. For instance, spray parks and libraries!

Learn more about the different communities and the people that live here.


Households in Rural Hamlets


Trails in Sherwood Park


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Parks and Sports Fields

Rural Hamlets

The hamlet of Ardrossan apart of Strathcona County


With over 110 years of history, Ardrossan is a great rural hamlet with many modern amenities.

It is home to a state-of-the-art Recreation complex which includes an arena, hall, curling rink, fitness track, and more! Explore the outdoors with many playgrounds and trails near the creek. The great school in Ardrossan makes it a perfect place for families. Located minutes from Sherwood Park it really is the best of both worlds.

Population: 532


The hamlet of Ardrossan apart of Strathcona County
Antler Lake apart of Strathcona County

Antler Lake

Established in the early 1950’s Antler Lake boasts homes located on the beach shores! Enjoy nature in your backyard or visit Gregory park to have a picnic. The community is near Strathcona Wilderness Centre; Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Grazing, Wildlife and Provincial Recreation Area; and Elk Island National Park. Antler Lake also has some convinces like a store, gas station, and adjacent Uncas school.

Population: 435

Antler Lake apart of Strathcona County
Strathcona County is also home to Collingwood Cove

Collingwood Cove

Originally a very popular summer lakeside resort, Collingwood Cove is home to breathtaking sunsets! Today visitors and residents can canoe on the shallow lake and enjoy the wildlife. Besides people, residents of the area include moose, deer, swans, and pelicans.

A modern playground and basketball hoops can be used in the summer while in the winter the area has some great skating. Additionally, residents can easily get around to the rest of Strathcona County.

Population: 376

Strathcona County is also home to Collingwood Cove
The Airport at South Cooking Lake apart of Strathcona County

South Cooking Lake

The first to inhabit this area were the Cree, Blackfoot, and the Sarcee. The name came from O-PI-MI-W-SIOOSAKYAKN - Here's Where We Cook Lake or Cooking Lake.

Located 19 KM southeast of Sherwood Park the area features an abundance of wildlife. Additionally, the day-use park has walking trails picnic sites, and waterfowl viewing areas. The community hall is a modern facility that residents use for craft sales, dances, and children’s parties.

Population: 270

The Airport at South Cooking Lake apart of Strathcona County
Half Moon Lake Resort apart of Strathcona County

Half Moon Lake

Half Moon Lake is a hamlet located in Strathcona County. The lake lives up to the name of being a picture-perfect crescent-shaped body of water. Residents enjoy the quiet rural life with a sense of community. Each year people gather to do a spring clean-up followed by a community BBQ.

Visitors are able to come to the area and enjoy Half Moon Lake Resort at the south end of the lake. Open during the summer it has campsites, a beach, and a boat launch.

Population: 214

Half Moon Lake Resort apart of Strathcona County
Nature in Strathcona County near the hamlet of Josephburg


Pioneer families coming from Austria settled around the area now known as the hamlet of Josephburg. Being an active farming community, and located near industrial areas it is an excellent part of Strathcona County. Additionally, the community hosts many events in the Halls located in the hamlet. For example The annual Fiddle Jamboree and a junior livestock show. Christmas in the Heartland is also a fun event hosted in Josephburg.

Also, the area is home to an airport which is used by recreational flyers and the nearby industrial area.

Population: 223

Nature in Strathcona County near the hamlet of Josephburg

Hastings Lake

The hamlet has a mix of full-time residents and summer cottages. With natural beaches and many islands, the lake has lots of local wildlife. The island that is located within the lake has even been recognized by the Alberta Government and named “Special Places 2000”.

The area has so much to offer with great hiking and cross-country skiing options. Each year in February The Birkebeiner Ski Festival takes place to celebrate the Norwegian Birkebeinger Legend. Many volunteers work together to maintain the community hall located 4km south of the lake which is used for resident gatherings and events.

Population: 104

Playground at North Cooking Lake Community area apart of Strathcona County

North Cooking Lake

North Cooking Lake is a tranquil resident retreat located in Strathcona County. The area was formed by glaciers that made the lake and many islands. The area has lots of natural beauty and a great community league that was established in 1952. This league has built a 39-acre site home to baseball diamonds, a playground, picnic areas, fire pits, trails, and a skating pond.

Population 57

Playground at North Cooking Lake Community area apart of Strathcona County

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With many major highways connecting the area residents are able to move with ease connecting to Alberta's Industrial Heartland. As a result, the location has attracted hydrocarbon, chemical, oil, and gas investments.

Strathcona County is a part of Alberta's Industrial Heartland. This globally recognized hydrocarbon processing industry showcases efficient and innovative development. Also home to the world's largest CO2 pipeline and carbon capture technology. The companies in operation have embraced a low-carbon, low-emissions energy future.

With 582-square kilometers, the region brings over $45 billion in capital investment and over 40 companies working in the area. Strathcona County is able to benefit from these innovations.

Alberta's Industrial Heartland in Strathcona County