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The City of Fort Saskatchewan is nestled alongside the beautiful North Saskatchewan River. So only 25 kilometres northeast of Edmonton. The iconic water tower is located in the charming downtown. This is where the city hosts the bountiful farmer's markets in the summer and has ice staking rinks in the winter.

This mid-size city offers an array of amenities, offering visitors a warm welcome. For instance, the Fort has small-town tranquillity with big-city services. The wonderful community shops boast locally made products and services.  Giving the growing city plenty of choices.

Above all the locals look out for one another, treating everyone like a neighbour, friend, and even family. Lastly, the kindhearted folks will make Fort Saskatchewan feel like home.

Fort Saskatchewan Water Tower

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The City is filled with music, theatre, history, art, events, and festivals that create a lively community. Further enjoy the summer farmer's market with fresh produce, hand-crafted arts, live bands, and amazing food. Watch a show in the outdoor theatre. After that head indoors to the Sherritt Cultural Pavilion of the Dow Centennial Centre.

City Hall in Fort Saskatchewan


Some of the cities outdoor recreation facilities include:

  • Boat Launch
  • Campground
  • Ball Parks
  • Dog Park

Also, Fort Saskatchewan boasts a 170,000 sq. ft indoor recreation complex, modern library, and swimming pool.



First founded in 1875, Fort Saskatchewan was built by the Northwest Mounted Police along the North Saskatchewan River. Then a construction boom took place in 1903, and over 50 buildings were created in one year including the area's first bank!

Finally, the town was legally incorporated in 1904.  Despite this, the Fort's population was still around 1000 residents until industries like Sherritt-Gordon arrived in the 1950s.

Did you know that Fort Saskatchewan has so much to offer! For example, all the outdoor trails and fun family activities are a highlight of the area. In addition to the adventures outside, the Fort has awesome local businesses to explore. Learn more about the community and the people that live here.




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Fort Saskatchewan Schools

Fort Saskatchewan has twelve schools that are governed by two different school boards. Because of the community's growing population, the city planners have reserved land to continue to build new schools in the area. This community commitment to education has a positive impact on parents and children alike. 




Elementary Schools


Junior High Schools


High Schools

More Community Resources

Community Garden

The city has two community gardens! They are designed to encourage healthy eating and give residents a chance to grow their own fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

During the season gardeners are able to support each other and work together to have strong, healthy yields. The garden also allows for all ages to learn tips and tricks from seasoned gardeners and grow the community.

Lastly once the season has come to a close; the city is able to donate any unclaimed produce to local non-profits.


The Fort Saskatchewan transit system has two local bus routes that serve the community. The regions are all connected so riders are able to navigate around the city. Additionally, the transit system also connects to the Clareview LRT Station commuter bus.

Most importantly fare tickets can be purchased for one-way travel on the bus at the time of the ride. Tickets and Passes can also be purchased at City Hall, Dow Centennial Centre, Co-op and Safeway.

The city boasts many children's programs for the young ones! In addition to fun, the programs are also designed for learning and parental support.

The community has the Boys and Girls club which provides a place for every child to fit in. Consequently offering many programs in leadership, technology, and group clubs.

Fort Saskatchewan also has the Families First Society which encourages the development and maintenance of strong family connections. As a result, they also offer the Chips program where kids and parents are able to have fun and connect in the community.

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Sheep Flock in Fort Saskatchewan

The Fort Saskatchewan Sheep have been trimming the grass in the parks for 30 years. Visitors come from all over to see the hard-working flock graze in the scenic river valley. Most importantly lucky guests might catch the shepherd and sheepdog in action! The City also uses the sheep as an eco-friendly way of maintaining the natural beauty of the parks.

To honour the flock you can find a large painted sheep in the City's first roundabout. It is even large enough to be viewed by satellites in outer space!