Real Estate 24 June 2021

Home Inspection: What to expect

What to expect with a Home InspectionA home inspection can identify unseen dangers and potential problems that may not be revealed during a real estate showing. An inspection can also confirm that the home is safe and of good quality. Home Inspectors can only report what they can see, not what’s inside walls, behind the seller’s furniture, or buried underground.

Deciding Which Home Inspector to Hire

All home inspectors working in Alberta must be licensed by the Alberta provincial government. In order to be licensed, they must have a degree, diploma, or certificate in-home inspection from a Pre-Licensure Course from NIBI (National Institute of Building Inspectors). They can also have an approved home inspection designation or license from an approved industry association or regulatory body. Asking friends and family about who they could recommend is a good place to start when choosing an inspector. Another resource is your REALTOR. They work with home inspectors regularly and know ones would look out for your best interest.

Home Inspection Day

The home inspection is more than just information; it should be an opportunity to learn about the property. An inspection lets the new homeowner know the condition of the home they are buying. Items that the inspector finds can be categorized by the following:   

To-do List: These are items that the inspector finds that can be changed in the future. Sometimes they find things that are common to the era of when the home was built.

Maintenace: These would be items needing attention. The seller may make these repairs as it directly relates to the health of the home. They may also forgo the repairs.

Deal Breakers: An Item in this category makes the buyer uncomfortable moving ahead. The seller may be able to remediate it however, it may not be to the buyer’s standards.

Inspectors typically do not estimate the repair costs or the remaining life of appliances or systems. If there is a concern about particular items, then you may obtain quotes from local professionals.

Home Inspector with Melissa Saretsky REALTORThe home inspection report offers a deeper understanding of whether the home has been well-maintained or needs major repairs. If you are not satisfied with the home’s current condition, you can request the seller to address the repairs. The seller can also give a credit toward the cost of repairs at closing.

The Inspection is not a renegotiation of the contract. It is intended to provide information to the buyer with the opportunity to address any concerns. A report can also help the buyer prioritize repairs after possession of the home.

Post Home Inspection

Once the Inspection has finished you will be able to fully review the report and reflect on the contents. The standard Real Estate offer states “This contract is subject to the buyer’s satisfaction with a property inspection, conducted by a licensed home inspector.” Therefore, if the inspection does not meet your expectations of the property you are not a risk of losing your deposit if you do not proceed with the deal.

Your REALTOR can also work in negotiating with the seller to do some of the tasks identified in the report. Also, they can suggest trades to come in after possession day to make the corrections identified during the inspection.

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